I can haz Beta?

So Beta has been out for a month or so…and I have decided to revive the blog with a post about it…

Since Beta went live, I have been hoping to get in. I have checked my email daily. I DOUBLE checked that I really did register for it (I did). I have been reading all the info that is being posted…and yet…nothing.

I have already made the decision I WILL NOT roll a DK when it releases. I have decided to save that for the night it comes home and goes live ( Artie and I may be pulling an all-nighter on that night). I DO want to get in there with my 70 hunter though, and tame me a devilsaur…and look at all the new lands, and check out all the new shiny stuff…

But Blizz has not yet granted me Beta access. So for now, I will continue to forge on with my many alts..hoping that come expansion day, I will have 3 or 4 70’s waiting for the great white north(rend).

Bunnyfer’s Bitchings 07/15/08 – Summer Slumps

So it seems that the summer doldrums have hit WoW. This is my 2nd summer playing WoW, you would think I would remember this from last year. Kids are out of school, so people are taking time away from the game, and going out and getting fresh air.

But there are other summer slumps this year…WoTLK is on the horizon, so many have stepped away from the game for the time until that comes out. Then there is the general game play slumps. With so many alts, it can be tough to keep them all leveled. I go through phases, where I prefer to play one toon over another.

This became really evident last night, when I pulled my Blood Elf pally out of the cobwebs, and started playing again. Now having played a pally all the way to 70, I knew how hard it was to level. Why I did it again, I will never know, but once I hit the 40’s, deleting did not seem a viable option. As much as everyone complains about the 50’s pre-Outland, let me tell you, the mid 40’s can be just as bad. STV is hell and there are not a lot of great places to quest. Questing alone can be a LONG, BORING task, so luckily teaming with Artie’s hunter has made it a little less painful.

So last night, we finished our quests in Feralas, and with a ding of 50 by Artie(thats like his 5th high level now) and a almost ding of 47 by me, we moved on to The Hinterlands. I have never quested here as horde, Artie has. We picked up 15 or so quests, and started along. I did hit 47 while plugging along, but we only got 1 quest done. I am sure another level will be had out here, before moving on again to greener pastures.

So while my hunter and mage regain their rested bonus, it seems the pally is back in action, at least until the rested bonus goes..

Bionic Yeti

Some time back I tinkered with fraps and videos with WoW. Many of the items I had made have since been lost unfortunately. Admittedly, they weren’t earth-shattering but I wish I had backed them up prior to my hard drive dying. A few tho have survived mostly by accidentally being burned onto disc along with other files. Bionic Yeti is one of them.

Quite some time ago, Blizz decided to allow engineers to make the pet version of the mechanical yeti used for a quest. Being an engineer and bored, I hurriedly got the schematics from Everlook and whipped one up after Blizz had the realization that certain items in the schematic weren’t available to Alliance(or at least damn hard to get). My tranquil mechanical yeti soon became known as TMY(TIMMAY!) within my old guild, The Pillage Idiots. I found it amusing how the wee fellow with his short stumpy legs was able to keep up with an epic mount. This led me to call him bionic which in turn inspired this wee vid when I was bored. I even acknowledge I’m bored at the end of the vid.

Bionic Yeti

Resolution isn’t the best. I suppose I could’ve put it on Youtube or something and it might have been a bit clearer, but I was lazy :)

At the beginning of the vid, you can see what pretty much was the entire Pillage Idiots roster.

The History of The Others – Part 1 – Pre WoW

Its funny how fate works. If not for one life altering event we would not be playing the game or have a guild for that matter. Losing our house was one of the most traumatic events I have had in my scant 32 years. But if not for that there would be none of this. After work I used to come home and sit in the pool until dark. And since this is Florida swimming can be done at least 9 months out of the year. After the pool I’d coming in have diner watching some TV then off to bed. Not much time for an MMO. Hell I was not even aware of their existence.

Well a foreclosure came and went and we where in a new place. New to us anyway. And let’s just say there was not much to do in this place. So we got heavily back into console gaming. We did not have much money due to the aforementioned event. So we played most games we owned already. Not many two player simultaneous in our collection. So eventually we went a-renting. If my memory serves me right it started with Gauntlet. And we found our crack. Hack and slash. We would go to the local game stop and ask about games that fit our new taste. If it was rentable we pretty much played it. And eventually bought it. Then one day we stumbled upon one and we fell in love. It was called Champions of Norath. Which turns out was a console spin off version from Everquest. This then led to us trying out every game of this type.

While searching online for more games, Bunny stumbled upon a demo for World of Warcraft with a 14 day trial. It was downloaded and installed. Bunny soon had an account, and a few days later, I created a toon as well. It was decided that we could fit the expense into our budget, and we bought our copy of the game. We saw that for us to play together, we would need another account. So the client was installed on another machine, and and I created a trial account for myself. This was the time when layaway existed at Walmart, so we added a game card to a layaway. We planned on waiting till the layaway was paid off to activate the 2nd accounts, but we did not want to, so we paid it off early, and soon, we were a 2 account household.

Bunny’s Bitchings 06/26/08 – Blizzard Authenticator

So I get home from work, to find that Blizzard has FINALLY gotten smart and is making WoW more secure…

WoW Introduces Blizzard Authenticator

Basically, if anyone has worked in corporate America, and used what is called a SmartCard ID, its a little device, that is a 6 digit, random number generator. When you attempt to log into WoW, it will require you to input the current 6 numbers showing on the screen at that time.

This extra security should stop the current issues with keylogging passwords and hacking into our accounts, selling off our items, and cleaning out the guild banks. This device also looks like it can be used on multiple accounts.

The cost is only $6.50, and I think that small cost is WELL worth the piece of mind that your invaluable time and effort put into the game, will no longer be lost to Chinese gold farmers

Bunny’s Bitchings 06/26/08 – Random Crap

Random Crap #1- First thing I saw today, is that WoWhead has turned 2 today. Hard to believe the site I use so much has only been around about as long as I have been playing myself.

Sharing a birthday with WoWhead, is our very own Artie.

WoWhead is giving away some crap over the next 2 weeks in celebration. If anyone is interested, head on over and check it out.

Random Crap #2 – So today, I was checking to see if pre-mades were available yet on the WoW site, and I popped into the PTR Forum. I could not believe the people in there. People actually have the nerve to complain that they cannot have a premade right away. I mean what the hell? Blizzard usually does not do pre-mades, because they want content tested, not a bunch of tweens logged in, dueling every 5 mins. People even are bitching because they do not have great gear. Now this is a character that is A) given to them for free and B) Is going to erased in about a month. Shut the F up people, stop cluttering the forum with your QQ shit, and play what is given to ya.

Random Crap #3 – I need to find out some info on druids and feral/resto hybrids…I am going to do what Artie asked, and spec a bit into the resto tree more…but only to 70, then going back to Feral..:) Any leatherworkers wanna donate some gear?

Bunny’s Bitchings 06/25/08 – More on the PTR!

Well going through my blogs, found a link to World of Raids. Seems they have been on the PTR, and it looks like we are going to be getting yet another “event” boss, like the Horseman and Ahune. Coren Direbrew is his name, and he can be found hanging out in The Grim Guzzler in BRD. From what they are saying you will be able to just go right in and teleport right to the Grim Guzzler and kill him for his lootz! The link to the news can be found HERE. I have already copied Bunny to the PTR, and it looks like there is some nice tanking trinkets there, so I may check it out. One other piece on Brewfest I think is kinda shitty,

Blizzard decided to not give Alliance the Brewfest Kodo Mount

What a shame. This I think is wrong. I have seen NUMEROUS Horde toons on rams, why shouldn’t we get the Kodo’s? I bet they do not plan on removing the rams from the horde either…SCREW YOU BLIZZARD

So moving on, seems mage’s are getting a little love..

Frost Armor, Ice Armor, Mage Armor, and Molten Armor are no longer Magic effects and cannot be dispelled.

Was this an issue in the past? I would have to ask Artie. There is also some new love for Warlocks…

Finally, it looks like they are allowing Premades now. I will probably make one or 2, just mostly so I can see what it is like to have a 70 feral kitty druid. I am sure this is to allow people to test the new boss on the PTR. Hell its also nice to be able to play with gear and stuff I normally would not see…


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